Fuel Dispensing Tanks

Harlequin bunded diesel storage and dispensing tanks are for on-site refuelling.

Available in ‘Fuel Point’, ‘Fuel Station’ and ‘Fuel Station with Fuel Management’ options (incorporates Harlequin’s new ‘Cobalt Connect’ fuel management technology as standard).

Ranging in capacities from 1,300 to 10,000 litres and available in a range of slimline models, there is a Harlequin diesel dispensing solution for any agricultural, commercial or industrial requirement.

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  • Fuel Points

    Harlequin 'Fuel Points' are ideal for smaller, commercial, industrial and agricultural installations, where the added value technologies featured in the 'Fuel Station' models are not a requirement.

  • Fuel Stations

    Harlequin 'Fuel Stations' are the ultimate in diesel dispensing tanks and technology.

    Featuring forecourt style refuelling convenience and a range of added value technologies as standard, these hi specification fuel tanks provide complete diesel storage and diesel dispensing solutions for commercial, industrial and agricultural customers alike.