BioDiesel Tanks

Harlequin BioDiesel tanks are available in ‘BioBund’ or ‘BioFuel Station’ options.


Biobunds are designed for connection to biodiesel dispensing units (BioFuel Stations) and for use at installations incorporating fixed combustion appliances. Available in a choice of capacities from c. 1400 litres to c. 10,000 litres, BioBunds are supplied complete with pre-fitted top outlet, incorporating a Biodiesel resistant anti-siphon valve and strainer.

BioFuel Stations

BioFuel Stations are manufactured from specialist grade polymer, suitable for storing Biodiesel blends of up to B100
which are produced in accordance with EN14214 and accommodates the specialist features required to store and dispense biodiesel fuel.

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items