With a range of different models, capacities & capabilities there is sure to be a tank to suit almost any agricultural, commercial, domestic or industrial installation, need or requirement.

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  • Bunded Heating Oil Tanks

    These Bunded Heating Oil tanks are  manufactured to the highest quality. A variety of quality heating oil tank accessories is available to enhance the operation of your bunded heating oil tank.

    The bunded oil tanks available from Oil Tank Supplies Ltd are fully compliant with all applicable legal and technical fuel storage requirements.

  • Fuel Dispensing Tanks

    Harlequin bunded diesel storage and dispensing tanks are for on-site refuelling.

    Available in ‘Fuel Point’, ‘Fuel Station’ and ‘Fuel Station with Fuel Management’ options (incorporates Harlequin’s new ‘Cobalt Connect’ fuel management technology as standard).

    Ranging in capacities from 1,300 to 10,000 litres and available in a range of slimline models, there is a Harlequin diesel dispensing solution for any agricultural, commercial or industrial requirement.

  • BioDiesel Tanks

    Harlequin BioDiesel tanks are available in ‘BioBund’ or ‘BioFuel Station’ options.


    Biobunds are designed for connection to biodiesel dispensing units (BioFuel Stations) and for use at installations incorporating fixed combustion appliances. Available in a choice of capacities from c. 1400 litres to c. 10,000 litres, BioBunds are supplied complete with pre-fitted top outlet, incorporating a Biodiesel resistant anti-siphon valve and strainer.

    BioFuel Stations

    BioFuel Stations are manufactured from specialist grade polymer, suitable for storing Biodiesel blends of up to B100
    which are produced in accordance with EN14214 and accommodates the specialist features required to store and dispense biodiesel fuel.

  • Water Storage Tanks

    Harlequin potable and non-potable water storage tanks are manufactured from a specialist grade medium density polyethylene and are ideal for installations at agricultural, domestic, commercial and industrial premises.

    All potable water tanks have been approved in the United Kingdom by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS).

  • Waste Oil Tanks

    Available in a choice of 6 different capacities from c.350 litres to c.2,000 litresHarlequin bunded waste oil tanks have been engineered for the safe, secure and environmentally responsible storage of waste oils and lubricants. Their integrally bunded construction ensures they are ideal for even the most environmentally sensitive areas.

    All Harlequin waste oil tanks are supplied complete with large capacity tundish, removable strainer and optional tank contents gauge.

  • Adblue Storage Tanks

    Harlequin AdBlue tanks are available in either ‘Bunded Blue Station’ (dispensing tank) or ‘Blue Bund’ AbBlue storage tank options.

    These products have been engineered and designed for the storage of Adblue - a specialist chemical, which requires specialist containment. Harlequin Blue Stations are available in a choice of 4 different capacities of up to 10,000 litres. Each Harlequin Blue Station is supplied complete with added value benefits as standard.

    Harlequin Blue Bunds are ideal for Adblue storage installations incorporating 1,300 - 10,000 litres.

  • Steel Bunded Tanks

    Steel Bunded Tanks consist of a tank within a tank.

    These tanks are made to order according to customer requirements.

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